Pontevedra is the capital of the “Rias Baixas”. A stately city teeming with life, with the largest Old Town in Galicia, after Santiago.

Built with patience through centuries, this “boa vila”, with its delicious streets and squares named after the typical guilds, full of cult and popular architecture buildings, possesses one of the most beautiful and best preserved historical collections of Galicia.

In Pontevedra everything is just a step away and there is so much to see, genuine treasures such as the collection of gold and silver pieces in the Museum of Pontevedra, unique in Europe, with magnificent collection of Celtic jewellery. And other jewels such as the “da Ferrería” square, the Church of “Santa María”, ruins of “Santo Domingo” and the Church of “San Bartolomé”.


But there is more still. Parks, tree-lined avenues, walks by the river in the middle of the city and a historic centre that, after that of Santiago, is Galicia’s most important. Inhabited stone houses with coats of arms on their façades, fountains and gardens, squares that are full of life and pavement cafés with a lively atmosphere that lasts until the early hours.

Besides, in recent years Pontevedra has become almost completely a pedestrian city, where you can take long walks, rest in the parks and squares, or enjoy a snack, a coffee or a drink in any of the crowded bars.


Visitors to Pontevedra should not leave without walking along the banks of the River Lérez, recently recuperated for leisure use by city dwellers, offering walkers a highly evocative experience, with quiet stretches that have an almost dreamlike quality.

The northern bank has the best areas for a peaceful stroll, including the “Illa das Esculturas” offering walks that combine nature and culture. This sevenhectare island contains a varied list of works by renowned Galician and foreign sculptors, set in a natural space of great ecological value.