1 April Friday
Bulletin 2 Presentation
9 May Wednesday
Raising of the Official European Canoe Championships Pontevedra 2016 Flag
13 May Friday
Deadline Numerical Entries
1 June Wednesday
Bulletin 3 Presentation
13 June Monday
Deadline Nominal Entries, Deadline Accreditation Fee Payments
14 June Tuesday
Deadline Official Accommodatin Bookings and Lunch Catering Services at the venue
15 June Wednesday
Deadline Shuttle Bus Services from Airport to Pontevedra
16 June Thursday
Deadline Oficial Media Accreditations
26 June Sunday
Accreditation office open
27 June Monday
Accreditation, Trainings, Masters meeting
28 June Tuesday
Accreditation, Masters Single races
29 June Wednesday
Accreditation, Masters Double races, Team Leaders Meeting, Openning ceremony
30 June Thursday
Accreditations, Junior Single Races, Women Under 23 Races
1 July Friday
Accreditations, Junior Double Races, Men Under 23 Single Races
2 July Saturday
Senior Single Races
3 July Sunday
Senior Double Races, Closing Ceremony