Sports Facilities


The European Canoe Marathon Championships will be hosted in a wonderful natural setting, the river Lérez running through the town of Pontevedra.

The course is among two of the most emblematic monuments of the town such as the roman brigde of “Ponte do Burgo” and the monastery of the “San Benito de Lérez” founded in the X century by the Benedictine monks.

There is a few more bridges along the course known as “Ponte de Santiago”, “A ponte dos Tirantes” and the “Peonil” which will be a perfect spot to follow the races for the audience, in addition to the bridges the espectators will find along both banks of the river footpaths, cycle paths and plenty of green areas.

The racing course has the official lenght distance lap of 3.6km and there will be an additional last small lap of approximately 1000m, the river Lérez has an average depth of 3m. This is located right to the end of the “Ria the Pontevedra” (part of the Atlantic Ocean), and at the same time, it is situated at the mouth of the river Lérez therefore the body of the water depends on the tide to be salty sea water or fresh water. Because of the tide the stream is another factor to consider for all the athletes so the competition strategy will play a very important role.

In the same area, around the bridge known as “A ponte dos Tirantes” on the south bank of the river Lérez, is where the Galician Sport High Performance Centre is located thus its facilities will be available for all the athletes (changing rooms and showers, gym, swimming-pool, etc) besides this will be the location for the Doping Control Area.

Oposite, on the other side of the river (north bank) is situated the Auditorium of Pontevedra.

Racing Venue Facilities


On the south bank of the river Lérez along the Street known as “Avenida de Buenos aires” there will be a delimited zone from the brige “Ponte dos Tirantes” to the other bridge known as “Pasarela Peonil” with the following areas below:

Sport Area: this zone is exclusive for athletes and they will find there boats storage areas distributed per countries, common areas, toilets, food and drinks suply areas, physiotherapy and massage area, etc.

Shopping Area: this is the area aimed for all the sports stands such as boats manufacturers, paddles manufacturers, sport clothing, sport complements, etc.

Venue Area: this zone is exclusive for the catering service and leisure area.